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Polypropylene Woven Sacks & Tubing

Polypropylene sacks

Polypropylene has become the dominant packaging material across a wide range of industries throughout the UK. Its cost effectiveness makes it the ideal packaging material for most non liquid products. Polypropylene sacks can also be supplied with an inner polythene liner, combining strength with maximum product protection. A lined sack is ideal for fine powders or when protection from external contaminates is vital. These are available with UN approval for use within the transport of hazardous chemicals. Specification White opaque polypropylene sacks Polypropylene sacks with loose liners cuffed at the mouth Polypropylene sacks with sewn in liners Coloured polypropylene sacks All woven polypropylene varieties can be printed in house in up to 4 colours on both sides, with non-standard items manufactured to individual requirements. Sacks from stock are sewn with a single fold at the bottom and hemmed at the mouth for easy opening and durability. Polythene liners are fixed at the bottom seam and are sewn at the mouth or cuffed to allow re-sealing of the product once packed.